Recreation Solutions Ltd

About us

Recreation Solutions Ltd (RSL) believes in delivering outcomes and not reports that sit on shelves.

RSL is modular to maximise skills and experience, and deliver the best result for you and your stakeholders as efficiently as possible.

We are a small company with great networks, and as part of the Thinkers and Creators Group RSL is able to deliver professional and appropriate results that represent the best in creative thinking and practical solutions.

We practise our beliefs through choosing socially responsible products, supporting the use of sustainable solutions through projects and even cycling to the office, so our solutions don’t cost the earth.

We are passionate about the environment and the role it plays in providing settings for people to recreate in. RSL believes our environment needs to be relevant to people in order for it to be valued and respected, and providing sustainable opportunities for people to gain those experiences is paramount. To this end we volunteer time each year to outdoor education programmes and community events. If you think you have a project we may be interested in please contact us here.

And as part of the Thinkers and Creators Group, RSL has a wide range of skilled associates ranging from ecologists to specialist system architects ensure that solutions will be integrated with the environment you work in.