Recreation Solutions Ltd


Recreation Concept Design

Scoping the feasibility of new recreation opportunities.Includes development plans that outline visitor experience, natural and historic features, required infrastructure, levels of service, and consenting requirements.

Hillary Trail

Behaviour Change Programme design and delivery

Developing, implementing and evaluating behavior change programmes relating to active and public transport, marine conservation and sustainability. Communication and interaction with target audiences via social media, events, workshops, training sessions, and surveys.


Designing measurement and reporting processes and tools to evaluate programme outcomes. Includes the development of online evaluation tools that utilise a logic model framework.

Project Management

Managing projects by identifying critical pathways to achieve project outputs and outcomes to the satisfaction of clients and other stakeholders.Includes developing and managing governance structures, milestones, and deliverables.

Policy and Planning Advice

Providing strategic advice and policy analysis to the transport, parks, environment and conservation sectors. Assessing and analyzing the governance, legislative, jurisdictional, and economic impact and context.

Developing a planning and policy approach based on the practical application of environmental management principles and requirements, with experience in:

• Preparing assessments of environmental effects.
• Developing policy under legislation including the Resource Management Act 1991 (RMA), Local Government Act 2002 (LGA) and Reserves Act 1977.
• Preparing and processing resource consent and park discretionary use consent applications.
• Presenting expert planning evidence at hearings.
• Developing park management tools.


Planning and managing events that seek to raise awareness and encourage behavior change. Includes producing supporting materials and tools relating to social media, multimedia, surveying participants, activity monitoring, mapping and GIS.

Maui’s Dolphin “Mountains-to-Sea” surf and skate event – episode 2/5 from Recreation Solutions on Vimeo.